Sunday, May 17, 2015

Packed up for the Road to Wollongong in the Morning

I have enjoyed my little respite in Sydney for the last four days. I rode around town and checked out how much the city has changed since my last visit. I drank too many pints of craft brews. I had a couple pints down at the Rocks in a place called the Armory and soon after I left the entire ceiling of the place caved in. Glad I did not order that third pint there. Several people suffered minor injuries in the event. I ended up going to several other brew pubs and ended up at Kings Cross Hotel where I had my last few pints before stumbling back to my hotel. I do not normally drink that much. The beers were all good and I knew I had nothing to do the next day so no harm in over indulging on a rare instance like this.

Today I did laundry and repacked my bike bags. I am going to carry way less stuff with me now. I will leave the extra junk here at this hotel until I get back to Sydney later.

There is one minor problem I am having for the last few days, my pain levels have been way too high and my sleep has been almost none at all. I am not sure if it is still left from the travel to get here or if it is from the cold wet weather here that is making my pain higher. My hope is that the bike riding tomorrow will help me get the pain back under control. I really hate my constant pain problems. But I am happy that I discovered bike riding helps to relieve or at least helps me to control the pain somewhat. The worst problem is the depression that goes along with the high pain. It is like a switch gets thrown and the pain and depression come as an evil team.

Oh well such is life, I will know when I get out of bed after tomorrow's ride if the bike ride helped me or not. I hope the weather is good.

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