Monday, May 18, 2015

Sydney to Wollongong Australia

I left the hotel fairly early this morning and headed through Sydney toward Wollongong. Getting out of the busy commuter traffic between downtown and the airport was intense riding as I had to be extra careful with such heavy traffic. I found my way despite many of the key intersections where I needed to turn did not have street signs with names on them. Named intersections are very hit and miss here. I don't know if the signs get stolen or they never put them up but either way it is irritating.

Once I past the airport I rode a bike trail for a while before jumping back on the main road. I took a longer road through a park expecting to find ocean vistas but all it did was make my ride longer and did not have a single decent view for all my extra effort. I ended up back on the main road anyway. I did get a good view at Bld Mountain Lookout. There were a lot of hang gliders sitting around with all their gear moaning that there was not enough wind to fly. Maybe no wind to fly but good view looking south toward Wollongong. After a couple pics and a quick chat with some motorcycle bikers that stopped me to talk, I hit the road again. The views the rest of the way into Wollongong were great. There was even a smooth flat bike trail that ran right along the beach all the way into Wollongong. I enjoyed that ride even though I had to dodge a lot of dog walkers and stuff.

Once in town I checked into a backpackers hostel because rain is predicted. There is five days of rain in the forecast. So much for me riding. I did enjoy all the birds including budgies, lorikeets, parrots and tons of very loud cockatoos which were everywhere and screamed loudly at me as I rode past them all day. Here are some pics

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