Monday, May 18, 2015

Wollongong to Huskisson Beach Australia

Today I left the hostel early hoping to beat the rain that was in the forecast. The ride was going quickly with not much to see. The main road runs about 10 kilometers or 6 miles inland and to get to the coastal towns you have to ride in and then back out again. I wanted to make it to Ulladulla or maybe even Batemans Bay which would have been a long day. The clouds started to build so I turned off the main road and headed to the coast to find a campground. I stopped at Huskisson Beach and looked around for a place to stay. Nothing cheap in town. I went down the road a little bit and it started to rain harder and harder on me. I am tired of riding in rain so I stopped and checked into one of the places along the beach that I was told was the least expensive one in the area. It cost me $100 Australian or $80 American. I can't afford to be spending that much on a daily basis. I like the backpacker places not just because they are cheap but because they are more fun and social also.

I piled up the miles today and it feels good to ride hard again after so many interruptions to my raiding lately. I am not complaining about the interruptions because I did all of them of my own free will. I just missed my riding is all I am saying. Hello, my name is paparoach and I am addicted to riding.

Not many things along the main road to take pics of and right now it is raining so I am just sitting in my room catching up with the net instead of being out enjoying this nice little slice of Australia. A few birds did stop in to say hello while I was eating dinner. I hope the rain lets up so I can get further down the coast to a cheaper area to stay in. Otherwise, pretty soon I will be selling my body to stay alive until I fly back to the US. Such is the life of a wandering biker.

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