Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Huskisson Bay to Ulladulla

I enjoyed my night in the hotel. My neighbors were a couple of women from Toronto and I enjoyed their company. I never left the hotel since it was raining. In the morning it was clear so I took off at sunrise. I wanted to ride to Batemans Bay today. The road was all hills with a mix of small ones or long ones with easy grades to big ones with steep grades. It was a harder ride than I expected. I had no problems on the ride. There was a bike trail along the road for the first few miles then plenty of room on the shoulder for my bike except for a few short stretches where the road was narrow with no shoulder at all. The cars and trucks all played well and there were no problems even on the narrow stretches.

I was sweating profusely after only a few minutes riding today. The hills kept me sweating all day. I kept stripping off clothes until all I had on was a thin long sleeved T-shirt and I was still drenched in sweat. When I stopped for lunch the woman at the cafe asked me if I got caught in rain or fell in some water. I laughed at that cause that is what I felt like doing at that moment to cool down. My lunch was a veggie wrap with a fresh juice of apple, orange and mixed berries. Good lunch and healthy.

I did see a few mobs of kangaroos today but they were too far away for good pics. I also spotted a snake in the bush along the road but before I could get my camera out it disappeared into the bush. With 8 out of 10 of the most dangerous snakes in the world including the taipan which is number 1, I am not going to go rooting around looking for the snakes here.

When I arrived at Ulladulla I decided to stop for the day. It is another 30 miles to Batemans Bay and I expect to get stuck there for a number of days while I wait out some bad weather in the forecast. It is forecast to be clear in the morning tomorrow then rain for several days with thundershowers and cold temps which could cause hail storms. Not my favorite riding weather...Not much for pics today

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