Sunday, June 7, 2015

Bairnsdale to Melbourne Australia

I again had a lot of pain problems last night. I haven’t had any substantial sleep for several days. I still packed up my bags and left early. I figured sitting around in the damp cold weather would only make me worse. I stopped for breakfast after riding about 50K. I was feeling better as I rode along. I also stopped at the library to check my wifi junk after breakfast. I rode on after the 20 minute break. A headwind was blowing gently as I left early this morning and it was slowing increasing in intensity as I rode along. The last 20K the wind picked up big time and had me pedaling like I was going up a huge grade instead of the nice flat rural road I was riding on. Still made it to Rosedale for a 120K day of riding.

I was tired and sore so went to the grocery store and bought a bunch of food before I checked into a campground. There is a free camp here but I wanted a hot shower after my sweaty day of riding. Today I will move over to the free camp and stay here in town until Tuesday. This weekend is a big three day holiday for the Queen’s birthday. The Aussies don’t give a rats ass for the Queen but they enjoy their three day weekends just like anyone else and any excuse to get one is fine by them. The roads are too busy though so I will stay here and leave when the traffic gets back down to normal levels.

I got some sleep last night after a long hot shower. Later in the night I woke up again with high pain and my back was very sore as well. All I need now is for my back to go out on me. I have enough issues to deal with.

I am still rethinking my plans. My body is telling me loudly and clearly that it does not like this cold moist weather. It wants me to go somewhere warm right now. I have two days to ponder whether or not I will listen to my decrepit old body or not. More later...

I ended up riding today after all. I rode along mostly flat rural roads with a light headwind. I was having major back pain issues but only when I stopped riding, so I just didn't stop. When I got to the edge of Melbourne, my chain broke. I was near a train station so I jumped on the train and went into the central business district. I am in the hostel right now. I am looking forward to a couple days of good rest in a warm bedroom. If my pain gives me some respite then I will move on to Tasmania if not then I may head North instead to try to get some relief from this relentless pain problem.

There was a beautiful foggy sunrise this morning. And this farm is a typical one in this part of Aussieland. The smoking ad is also a typical graphical direct approach the Aussies like to use. Otherwise I just was not in the mood to see the beauty in life the last few days.

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