Thursday, June 4, 2015

Cann River to Bairnsdale Australia

I rode from Cann River early in the morning with thick frost covering everything. I started to slip around on my bike along the road so I turned around and went to have some coffee and wait for the ice to clear from the road a bit. The fog was also an issue because vehicles would not be able to see me. After about an hour the fog thinned and the roads were not as slippery so I took off. It seemed like I rode uphill all day long but I did about 120K to get me to Nowa Nowa where I stopped for the night in anther pub/hotel. In the morning it was again slippery and foggy so I had to wait a while. I finally got going around 8am. I rode to Lakes entrance and then on through to Bairnsdale. I had wanted to ride further but when I arrived in Bairnsdale I threw in the towel.

My clothes were really stinky from sweating up all the hills for the last few days so I did laundry first thing in Bairnsdale. Then I went to the campground and ate a ton of pasta and salad with some fruit and some juice to wash it all down. I am set for the night now.

Tomorrow I want to ride to Rosedale which is just over 100K according to the information place here in town. Rosedale is a Melbourne suburb for all practical definitions. I will book my Tasmania trip from there if I am able to and may rest up a few days first because the campground there is free. My budget is getting hammered with all the beds I have ended up needing due to rain and cold weather. Australia is not cheap for food either. I will post some menus soon so you can see how high the food prices are. I can not post pics because the wifi is really slow. You could just picture a tunnel in your mind with gum trees lining the sides and that has been my view for the last 4 days. I did see and hear some lyrebirds which are amazing birds but I could not get a pic of one. Enjoy your day. These signs kind of reinforce just how boring the road has been lately.

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