Thursday, June 4, 2015

Genoa to Cann River

I woke up to frost all over everything this morning. I was not cold during the night but getting up in the morning to go take a leak I found out how cold it really was. My tent was dry so I packed up quickly after a quick bowl of oatmeal and a cup of coffee.

Last night I went to bed early and at 10:30 I heard snorting and heavy breathing outside my tent. It sounded like a bear. I unzipped and looked outside and it was just a cute little possum sniffing around. I have never heard one breathing like this guy was. Maybe he had just been running or something. It was not afraid of me but obviously wanted me to give it some food. I don’t do that. I went looking for my camera to take some pics of it but it ran off before I found the camera. No food no pics.

I am still having pain problems and last night I was fighting off seizures several times. I am starting to think that this cold weather is messing up my health. I am seriously thinking about not riding to Adelaide but instead just flying right to Perth from Melbourne. Perth is warmer but not hot at this time of year. I am still thinking it over and hoping my body just comes around and lets me continue with my original plans. Time will tell.

The ride today was almost all uphill. I could not believe the way I would climb up a big hill and then after a short flattish stretch it would go up again. It went on like this all morning with no downhills just constant uphill riding. Finally about 5K or 3 miles from Cann River there was a long downhill into town. I was alternating between freezing and sweating all morning with the low temps outside. I think that may be what is causing my pain issues. Such is life. Tonight, after my short ride, I am sleeping at the pub in a barebones room for $32, and it is all I need. No pics til I find wifi

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