Monday, June 29, 2015

Day off in Perth

I have been in Perth now for three days. I put my bike back together after finding out that once again some of the parts were missing in the box. It took me a few hours to locate some replacement parts but the bike is running fine once again. My body however, is not running so well. My back is still killing me. I took my unloaded bike out for a short ride and every single little bump hurt me like hell. Sore backs are not fun. I will not be able to ride in the near future. I am afraid my ride might be over already. I was really looking forward to riding here on the Western coast of Australia but it is looking more and more like I will not be able to. Let me say it one more time, Never, Never! Lift and Twist!!!

Today I went around town with Paul, a friend I met on the train ride. We wandered around town after getting some coffee and then tried to take a river cruise but we missed the boat. We decided to ride the free bus around town to get our bearings and on the way decided to visit the park. Good choice, I enjoyed wandering around the park.

I was able to walk further today than I have been able to walk for the last 21 years. I attribute that to the health benefits of riding my bike so much along with the codeine enhanced ibubrofen I took beforehand. It surprised me a little that I did not have any seizures or anything while we walked through the park. I will of course have high pain later tonight from it but that is a nightly issue regardless. What is the difference between high chronic pain and higher chronic pain??? it still is over the top pain so no worries mate.

Tomorrow I am planning on moving to Freemantle prison YHA. It is 25 kilometers away. I am going to try to ride my bike to it. If I can't make it then I am not sure what will happen. I would rather be there close to the beach than here in Perth. I like going to the beach and in the past the beach has helped me heal so maybe it will work again. If I am not better in another week I will have to alter my plans or I may just try to go back to California. Wish me luck healing. a few pics from the walk in the park today

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