Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Perth to Fremantle Prison YHA

I packed up this morning and with high pain and low mobility I headed out on my bike to Fremantle which is the mouth of the Swan River at the Indian Ocean. The total distance from YHA Perth to YHA Fremantle is only 23 Kilometers but in my sorry ass condition it seemed like way too far. I felt every bump reverberate up and down my spine like bolts of lightning. It was not fun.

I am now sitting at a coffee chop overlooking the ocean in Fremantle. It is a beautiful setting for me to reup my meds and savor a cup of coffee for a while. I am not sure what is next for me. I will not be able to ride any distance in this condition so I am going to book a week at the hostel here and then reevaluate my situation. I am a bit disappointed in my tired old body. Everything was going well until my stupid lift and twist with the picnic table three weeks ago.

I will sit here for an hour or so enjoying what I am able to and then meander the rest of the way over to the YHA Prison Hostel on the other side of the river.

Made it to the YHA prison hostel and I like the place. Built right in an old maximum security prison with all new modern facilities in the baths and kitchen plus it is extremely quiet. The Perth YHA was very very loud with trains, helicopters and loud street people making lots of noise all night long. Here it is silent. Good spot to catch up on some reading. I need to heal so a lot of relaxing mixed with some stretching and light exercise should do me some good. I will try to eat cheaply and healthy with lots of fruits and veggies. I do hope I get better. Even if I only get to do a little riding out on this coast I will be happy. a few pics from today

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