Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hanging out in Fremantle

I have been in Fremantle now for over a week. My back was too sore to ride a loaded up bike or to travel so I have been doing my best to get healthy again. I am eating well, drinking lots of fluids, resting and getting light rides in when the weather has allowed it. I am enjoying Fremantle. I am improving but slowly. I am pretty sure my bike ride is over for now. I will not be riding the west coast as I had planned. Such is life.

The beaches here are nice white sand with beautiful multi hued blue water. There is a bike path that follows the beach and I have been riding it most days when it is not raining out. I have met a few other bikers on my rides and they have all been very friendly. The town here has a lot of people that commute to work on their bikes and there are bike lanes in most places. Although Fremantle is a large suburb of Perth it has a small town feel and I like that. They had a winter ice festival last weekend with an ice skating rink, snow machine and food venders that drew a lot of tourists into town. There are a few nice pubs and a few brew pubs also. I have tried a few but I do not really want to drink much until my back is healed. My money is also running short and with craft beers running about $11.00 a pint it gets expensive to hang in the pubs. Last night I went out to the National Hotel and watched a big rugby match called the State Of Origin Series. The game was a one sided blowout so not very exciting but I had a good time with a bunch of young English guys that I went there with from the hostel. They were all complaining about hangovers today but I felt fine.

Tomorrow I made some plans to go out sightseeing with another guy from the hostel. I have no idea where he wants to go or what he wants to do but I will go along with whatever he decides since that is better than me sitting here reading crime and mystery novels all day and night. I will post if there is anything we do worthwhile. Here are some pics of the local beaches. I tend to be out there early in the morning and the temps are around 13C or in the mid 40s F so there are not many people on the beaches.

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