Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ride Day 141

I spent the night last night with Warm Showers hosts kit and Lou in Pulaski and had a great time with nice people. Warm Showers seems to work out for both parties involved since I see the joy that the hosts get from their guests. After a great dinner and a breakfast Kit rode with me for the first 15 miles and then she turned around and went back home. She is in training for some competitions. After we said goodbye I ambled along to Boonville where I was planning on staying the night but when I arrived to town I found a Woodsmen Weekend going on with 40,000 people in a 7000 person town. It was crazy with all the traffic and people. I stopped to buy some cookies from the high school wrestling booth and then I headed right out of town. I passed a campground on the way and decided to stop to see how much they charged to camp because I really did not want to keep going. To my surprise it was only $6 to camp for bikers. I paid and put up my tent. I met another guy there Erik that I talked to and we had some good conversations. Then an 18 year old girl came riding into camp fully loaded on her bike. She camped next to me and we all sat around chatting.

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