Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ride Day 143

I left Golden Beach Campground early as usual heading blindly toward the ferry on Lake Champlain. I did not have a good map so I tried to enter it in my gps but the stupid thing would not accept my destination so I picked out one close by and it took that one. I am not very happy with my Garmin 800. The gps took me on a route along gravel roads and I followed it but was a bit nervous about having to turn around at some point. The route got me to where I was going and did return to paved roads. The roads were little used county roads with lots of rolling hills. I do not think there was a single level stretch on the entire route. I was either spinning up hills or braking down them all day long. I must be getting fit though because I just calmly spun up hill after hill without stopping or getting overly tired. After about 60 miles I ran into a couple from Wisconsin riding from West to East coast. We talked for a bit then we agreed to share a campsite for the night. They too were nice people. We will likely ride together for a bit today also since we are going the same way. I am 10 or 12 miles from the ferry right now at a campground that was nice and quiet for a change. I do not have wifi so I will post this later when I find some good wifi…

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