Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ride Day 142

Today I rode from Booneville to Long Lake NY 56 miles of rolling hills. I spent last night at a campground in Booneville and had a good time talking with Erik and Dan then an eighteen-year-old girl came into camp riding a loaded bike so she joined us. I think her name was Jasmine but I could be wrong. I am brain dead remembering names. We talked for hours about all different junk and we all had a good time. In the morning I rode with Jasmine all the way to Inlet or one of the other small towns but we lost each other there somehow or other either she lost me on purpose or we missed communication but she was gone all of a sudden. I looked around and waited to see if she would turn up but she was gone so I rode on alone. I did not like riding on highway 28 which was the main road as it was loud and very busy so I just took a turn on a whim and rode down it because it seemed to be going in the direction I wanted to go. It quickly turned into a gravel road but I just kept going, trusting my instincts if not my luck. It turned out to be an interesting ride and it did get me to where I wanted to go so it was fine. I am in a state park tonight and had a nice shower then sat around talking to a bunch of people that kind of gathered around me and my bike. They had a million questions but nothing new. It is almost sunset right now and I hope it is a good one with Raquette Lake and the Adirondacks in the view. I am going to go down to the lake and wait for it. If it is good I will post the pic. The sunset was only soso but I met and talked with a couple that were escaping from their family for a little while. They were fun to talk with. They offered me a beer and I took it for a change. I have not been drinking while I am riding but I just had the one beer. We talked while we waited for the sun to go down. It was a good time. After the disappointing sunset I went back to my tent and rested for the night.

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