Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ride Day 144

Today I rode from Paradox to Middlebury. The ferry across Lake Champlain was a nice break and a good way to enter a new state. Vermont was beautiful right from the minute I stepped off the ferry. Green rolling hills with lots of nice farms and apple orchards. There were mountains too not just hills. The weather was getting hotter by the day but I took it easy so it did not bother me. Lots of hills was the rule. Spin up and glide down all the way. I stopped for lunch in Middlebury and ate some good Thai food. Then I climbed over Green Mountain, a 12% grade that was a few miles long. That was a bit of work. I spent the night camping along the road and talked to the homeowners for a long time. They were clearly exhippies and were fun nice people. I slept well but my star watching was blocked by foggy skies and in the morning everything was soaking wet. Such is life.

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